Rubber Seal

We carry a number of other rubber seal ring products including o rings.
With the experience gained over the years, we are working to meet a variety of requirements.


  1. For a O-ring vacuum semiconductor manufacturing equipment, there are a variety of materials other than shown below.
  2. JIS B2401, AS568 and sizes, special shapes can be formed.
Type of rubber  
Compound No.   Characteristics
FKM 1320-75 1320-75
  • High vacuum standard material
  • Low compression set
1364-70 1364-70
  • Plazma-resistance improved material
  • Special material
1366-70 1366-70
  • Plazma-resistance improves material
  • Low extractive of material
  • Special material
FVMQ 1255-70 1255-70
  • Low temp. material
VMQ 1232-70 white 1232-70 白
  • Heat-resistant VMQ
1291-55 clear 1291-55 透明
  • Lower hardness clear VMQ
1298-70 clear 1298-70 透明
  • Plazma-resistance improved material