Customized Kalrez® Products

Customized Kalrez® Products

Customized Kalrez® products are available for shipment in order to meet various customers' needs. Complex shapes are designed and molded to your requirements.

Big Form Factor Gate Valve or Large Molding

Recently,gate valves used for LCD manufacturing equipment is getting bigger, as LCD screens becoming larger. Gate valve seals solve troubles like twist or fall-off in this situation.
Size of 2 meter and bigger is also possible.

Diaphragms / Valve Seats

Broad usage of including medical and food processing requires chemical resistance and thermal stability of Kalrez® products.
We make Kalrez® products with custom shapes including valve seats, diaphragms, gaskets, packer seals, T-seals, column fittings and more.


We can manufacture Kalrez® tubes with inner diameter of 1~12mm, wall thickness of 0.75~2.5mm and length of 8m.Black,white and transparent colors are available.


Metal or resin can be added to Kalrez® during manufacturing process, so that precision parts can be molded.