Custom Kalrez® Tube Products


Kalrez® is an epoch-making product with heat resistance better than Tefron® fluoroplastics and chemical resistance superior to fluorine-containing rubber and has both the elasticity of rubber and stability to most medicines. It keeps physical properties of rubber comparatively at high temperature of 300℃. (based on the result of the compression permanent strain examination such as JIS K6301). Therefore, lower maintenance cost with minimum contamination can be achieved when Kalrez® products are used for the seal material for semiconductor-fabrication equipment.


ID(mm) allowance thickness t(mm)=±0.2
0.75 1 1.25 1.5 1.75 2 (2.5)
1 ±0.3 A O          
1.5 O O          
2 O O O O O O  
3 ±0.4   O O O O O  
4   O O O O O  
5 ±0.5   O O O O O  
6   O O O O O  
7   O O O O O  
8   O O O O O  
9     O B B B  
10     O B B B  
11 ±0.7       B B B  
12       B B B  
13           B  
14           B  
15           C C
16 ±0.9           C C
17           C C
18           C C
19           C C
20           C C


Material allowed  :  6190 / 7075 / 8475 / 8002
Length allowed

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